We live in a time where the representatives of the kingdom of darkness are ever proud of their beliefs. There are more religions, circles, or sects that are springing up unhinged by the day and they are doing so with unfettered outspokenness. 

More than ever, we should be proud and boldly express our faith also. 

Matthew 5:16 KJV

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

As you rely on the Holy Spirit to always guide and fill you with words to speak and reach out to souls, yielding yourself at all times will keep you going. Not everyone will get a stage or stand behind the pulpit or be on platforms. Our life and certain things that we do is preaching one way or the other. 

1. Be willing to share the word on the go!

  • You can wear outfits with kingdom captions and scriptures. They are quite common these days, and they make you standout and  easily identified as a believer. 
  • You can also wear jewelry with a gospel-centered message. Someone could stop you on the train or bus to inquire what your dress caption mean and a conversation could begin from there.

2. Use your Social media pages 

  • You can choose to intentionally share edifying content on your social media pages; such as Highlights from teachings during church service, faith-based videos, or articles. You can also share testimonies of the workings of God in your life with your followers. This will encourage someone 
  • You can also start a faith-based blog. The internet is a world of its own, think of the number of its users daily. Are you a creative writer and do you believe your resource could bless lives and bring forth transformation in the kingdom? It is time to write, write and keep writing, it could bless lives across nations, countries, and races. Equip yourself with better writing skills and knowledge on building a good blog

3. Build A Kingdom-Based Business

  • More than ever, kingdom agents are springing up across the world. Some are intentionally using their businesses as an undercover agents for the more reach of the gospel.
  • I have read of products and services that were intentionally created to interact with clients and contribute to their spiritual wellness and growth.

4. Display Christian ornaments/symbols in your spaces.

  • As simple as decorations are, they speak greatly of things that we represent or hold in esteem. As much as you can, put up things that speak of your identity and believe in Christ.
  • Even your wifi can be named as something pointing to Christ. I have a friend that has his wifi as Jesus is Lord in caps. Anyone within range can see that name!
  • The same goes for gifts that you give, they can be faith motivated or inspired. Give gifts to your friends and family that point back to faith in Jesus.
  • Host a night to watch Christian movies, documentaries, etc Make it exciting, bring food, etc, and have fun with other saints

These and many ways that are unique to you are how you can creatively reach souls. Do it intentionally, consistently, and yield to the Spirit of God always! 


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