The things which we have seen! what have you seen?

Some of you, God has given you dreams, you went to bed, he showed you things that were strange. Some of you God has spoken into your ears, ministered strange ideas to your mind that because it was too big in your mind, you abandoned it.

There are things that God has allowed you to handle, he’s given you access into certain levels of life, because you have relationship and fellowship with the Father.

Every time you come into an encounter, God releases something into your life, that thing is big enough to strengthen you. Glory to God.

At no point in this journey, Peter and John, how they were feeling in their mind, or a doubt in their mind that they didn’t have what this man truly needed. At no point did they have doubt in their mind that they could not offer to this man what he needed,

Look on us. The man fastened his eyes on them, expecting to receive something. The key to the delivery of a heavens gift upon promises is expectation.

The man fix his eyes, Faith arose, because Peter was telling us later how this man received strength from the Lord. Your expectation must be by faith in the name of Jesus. And that expectation will never be cut short in the name of Jesus.

Look on us! This is not Peter, or John saying, Look at Jesus. We’ve seen people who he has healed before.

He said look on us!

There’s something about my light.

There’s something about the peculiar person that I am.

There’s something about me being a chosen generation, that something that I have that will answer the question of your heart.

Look on us! Silver and gold have I not but such as I have. And what he had was more than what the man was asking for. Glory to the name of Jesus. So this man had something. And so do you.

In Matthew chapter ten, verse eight, here’s what Jesus said to Peter, John and all of the other apostles. He said to them, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils. Freely you have received, freely give. The men were aware of what they had received.

As a believer by faith, you must become aware of what you have received in Christ Jesus, the Holy Ghost does not just come to our life to fill us with emotion, to fill us with a sense of excitement, he leads Kingdom deposits in our lives to allow us to operate on the influence and power of the Almighty God. So we carry something.

Freely you have received, freely give.

Heal the sick, freely give

Cleanse the lepers, freely give

Raise the dead, freely give

Cast out devils, freely give

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