Let your light so shine! Although you were brought out of darkness, the enemy may try to pull you back into darkness but you have been called into a marvelous light, so let that light so shine so that men will see the good works that marvelous light produces. Because marvelous light is evident, men see the good works of marvelous light, glory to the name of Jesus!!

That men may see your good works and glorify God that is in heaven. Your light will bring glory to God!

Your life will bring glory to God!

Your good work will bring glory to God.

Somebody shout hallelujah.

We see an example of two very marvelous people, wonderful people in the Bible. Peter and John, the Bible tells us about these two people. They were going into church into temple, just like you and I came in today. Acts chapter three. Go with me there to chapter three. Now, I want you to focus your mind on from verse three; men who recognize that they had marvelous light, because it’s possible to have marvelous light and you carry in the light, and don’t know it.

Turn on your light. Hey, man, turn on your light is marvelous.

I say turn on your light is marvelous.

Glory to Jesus, turn on your light, you’re called to marvelous light

You’re not called to be hidden, you are not called to obscurity, you’re called to marvelous light. You’re not called to be shy. You’re not called to be covered up under a bushel. You’re not called to be talented, but the talent is never seen or never produces anything for you. You’re not called to give them but the gift and never profit you. That’s not what you’ve been called into. You’ve be called into a light that shines, everybody’s had been called into a light that shines. This light shines so brightly, it shines in darkness, darkness cannot comprehend it. Glory to the name of Jesus.

Right, look at verse three. The Bible tells us from verse two, that there was a man who was lame from birth, the unfortunate story that no mother ever wants to hear, to give birth, and you’re told sorry, ma’am, your child will not be able to walk all his life. This was a situation of this man. From birth. He was lame. His life looks like gloom. But in verse three, the Bible says this man saw Peter and John, about to go into the temple. ‘’And he asked them for alms. And Peter, fasten his eyes upon this man with John, he said, look on us. And he gave heed on to them, expecting to receive something of them. And the Bible says, And Peter said, Silver and gold have I not, but such as I have, I give thee in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk. And he took him by the right hand, lifted him up” And immediately, the Bible says his feet, and his ankle receives an ankle bones receive strength. God knows exactly where the problem is.

Whatever the weakness in your body today, as you hear this word of healing, may you  receive strength in the name of Jesus, receive strength in every part of your body in the name of Jesus!

So Peter and John, remember who these people are. These are people who have experienced that transfiguration. The Bible tells us that Jesus took Peter, James and John took them to a high mountain, and they were transfigured before him and they were all transfigured. So these people have experienced something about God. These were people who were also in the upper room, they have seen God in action and seen the Holy Ghost come down. There is no debate about what this man carried. As a matter of fact, John gave a testimony in First John chapter one verse one, he said, The things which we have seen, which our ears have heard, and our hands have handled.

So this man understood what they had, they knew that they carried within them the marvelous light, they knew they carried within them the gift of God, the things which they have seen, carried value for their generation, the things which they are heard in their ears, carried value for their generation, the things which they have handled. value for their generation. So also, as a believer, God has no wasted investment in you. There are things that he has put in you that carry value for your generation.

Come on, let that light shine in the name of Jesus.

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