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Brief History

The RCCG Living Word Liberation Centre (LWLC) is part of the global Redeemed Christian Church of God worldwide with presence in more than 190 countries and 700 churches in the UK. LWLC was founded in March 2008, following God’s clear, direct and divine instruction to establish HIS house in the most depraved, forgotten and impoverished part of Southampton – This call for a newly-wed to leave all and take on the call to serve from scratch was a burden and a privilege for Pastor Frank and his wife Olabisi who had only just married three months’ earlier. LWLC is a spiritual child of RCCG Holy Ghost Zone, Coventry, under the mothership and spiritual covering of Pastor Eniiwaju Etomi, a faithful and a devoted mother of many such churches in the UK.


To advance the force of God’s kingdom in the liberation of many from the rulership of darkness, raising fruitful disciples whose impact transcend their generation.

  1. We have a kingdom first mindset and attitude to life and fellowship
  2. We communicate Christ with boldness and are never afraid or ashamed to share our light and life in Christ no matter the cost.
  3. We labour to build God’s army of disciples who are consecrated, full of the Holy Ghost, aware of, and fully persuaded of the gifts, calling and the grace of God upon their lives for the fulfilment of divine mandate and the bringing of many to glory through devoted service to the call.
  4. We reflect God’s nature and bring the complete love of Christ to the community in which we exist, touching lives in meaningful ways that affect the whole community whether large of small, one person at a time.
  5. We believe in the power of prayer to open every door and to rain God’s kingdom down.

Consecration | Service | Excellence | Compassion | Tenacity

Mondays – Prevailing Prayers 6:30-7:30pm

Thursdays Bible Study 6:30 – 8pm

Sundays Worship Services 9:30 am – 12noon

Night of Intercession (Every last Friday of the month) 10pm – 12:30am

Food Bank

The Living Word Food Bank kicked off just before the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic in February 2020. The goal being to reach out to the homeless and many others around the St. Mary’s area who have need for food and basics support. We have made several friends while being able to support their needs. As anticipated, we have manned our post largely every Saturday si

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Alpha Course

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Youth Ministry

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Kingdom Leaders Course

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