A Thriving Church in the Centre of Southampton

In Pursuit of God

The pursuit of God represents the way of life we desire as a church. A way of life in which God's guidelines for rich living as instructed in the Bible informs our mission and identity.

Discovering Purpose

Our purpose is to know God, his plan and purpose for us. Our church mission is to help the Southampton community know God and to help those who know God, to know him more.

Maximising Potential

To maximise potential is to be ALL God wants us to be. To walk life in his image and likeness, to live a life of dominion, fearless and without limits.

Impacting Lives

Our mission is to raise a family of God fearing loving Christians who will live a victorious life here on earth and enjoy a glorious reception into heaven, taking as many people as possible with them.

Our Church Vision

Our vision is to bring hope to all nations by spreading the message of salvation, the power of his Jesus' resurrection, and the divine power of success in the Holy Spirit.

Gideon Army

We encourage and promote greater participation of men in the spiritual life and the spiritual growth of LWLC Church Southampton. The men's ministry is committed to serving God by serving our families, our church and our community.

Heart of David

We are called the Heart of David because we are a vibrant group of young people who love the lord and love to worship just like David did.

Daughters of Zion

We fellowship, encourage and promote greater impartation in our women's spiritual life and spiritual growth. The women's ministry is committed to serving God by serving our families, our church in Southampton, and our community.


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We are part of the global Redeemed Christian Church of God which currently has over five hundred parishes in the United Kingdom. We are a bible believing group of Christians who are passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in the city. Our parish was established in 2008 and since then the Lord has been faithfully increasing us in numbers.

Sunday Service

Sunday - 10AM

Prayer Meeting

One Hour with GOD
Monday - 6:30PM

Bible Study

Thursday - 6:30PM



We Are Happy People